National & Intl. Affiliations :

Our Partners

Business Associate Programs

We offer two types of partnership programs:-

1. Affiliate Program
2. Reseller Program

If you are interested in forming a technical relationship with us. Take a look at our technological partnership program.

Our software products offer great business opportunities to:

Computer servicing and troubleshooting companies
Computer hardware vendors, retailers, dealers
LAN/networking companies
Internet solution providers
Web hosting companies or
Any one who owns a website related to Internet and networking applications
Affiliate Program:

An affiliate is any web site that partners with us. Web site owners can use this innovative strategy to generate more money than ever before. Affiliates will be provided with all the necessary information about our products. Affiliates can include these information on their websites in the form of banners, buttons or text links. Affiliates can present this information on their website in such a way that it has the same look and feel of the website. Whenever one of these links generates a sale, the affiliate receives a pre-determined commission from us.

Benefits to Affiliates

Affiliates provide added value to their sites by partnering with us and also earn revenue from this partnership.

Sign up now as our affiliate and find out how you can make money from your own website. You will receive an information kit to get started, after your application has been approved by us.

Reseller Program:

Our reseller program lets you join our growing family of resellers and business partners, which gives you the opportunity of selling and supporting our Internet software products internationally. Each authorized reseller receives complete sales and technical support. You can add our software products to your existing product line either separately or as part of a larger integrated bundle, giving you the chance of increasing your sales and ultimately, your profits. Sign-up Now !

Benefits to Resellers

Our reseller program will help create a solid and long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.


We will provide you with marketing materials such as product information and specification sheets to facilitate sales and marketing.

We will update you regularly on promotions, service releases, new release dates and up-and-coming features.

Trial versions of Software

We will provide you with demo versions of our software which can be hosted on your web site for clients who would like to try out the software. We will notify you when a new demo version is produced ahead of time to coordinate our efforts. We will provide you with pre-sales support.

We will also inform you about our new product releases and provide with the beta/trial versions of our new software.

Support and programming

You will receive priority technical support along with the ability to communicate with our developers for customization requests.

What Are the Requirements?

One of the benefits of being a reseller is of course, a reseller discount.

Resellers must also be very familiar with the products they resell and are also responsible for supplying first-level technical support to their end-users.

If you need any clarification, Contact us. If you've already decided that you want to become a reseller and you want us to know more about you, go to the Sign-up page.

Technological Partnerships:
Technological partnerships are formed when two companies cooperate technically to facilitate the integration of their products and services in an effort to improve both. The net effect is that the marketability of each product and/or service improves, benefiting both partners in the process. If you're interested in such a partnership where our software products can improve the functionality of your own products or services and you feel that we can benefit also, you should definitely send an email to our Development team.
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